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NCDA 58th Annual Poetry and Art Contest

The contest theme is

“Art of the Mind:

The Connection Between Wellness and Career Success”

The South Carolina Career Development Association (SCCDA)  will be coordinating the South Carolina Poetry and Art Contest. Check out submission guidelines, deadlines, and our FAQ below. Contact Sherry Williams at oursccda@gmail.com if you have any additional questions. Students, please ask a trusted adult to assist you with sending an email. Your district may have outside email addresses restricted. 


Entry Form and Submissions Guidelines


Poetic Form: Acceptable poetic forms, e.g. cinquain, free verse, diamante, haiku, limerick, metered, rhyming, blank verse. 

Submit each poem on a single sheet of paper 8.5″ x 11″ in 12 point font. 

Art Category 1 (C1): Standard use of ink, pencil, poster paints, magic marker, acrylics, and oils. Each poster must be created in 8.5″ x 11″ format, including matte, to be eligible.

Art Category 2 (C2): Use of photos, clipart, graphic art software, collage, cut and pasted paper, and mixed media. Each poster must be created in 8.5″ x 11″ format, including matte, to be eligible.

All South Carolina entries should be

submitted by 12/20/23 with

the form on page 3 to:


In the subject line type

"NCDA Poetry & Art Entry"

Contact Sherry Williams with questions

at oursccda@gmail.com


School Entry Deadline: December 20, 2023

State Winners will be submitted to the National Contest by February 20, 2024 by SCCDA

*Please do not send submissions directly to the NCDA contest*

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many entries can I submit as a school/building coordinator from my school? 

Due to the volume of entries, a maximum of three (3) submissions per category (poetry, art 1, art 2)  for each age division will be allowed.

What are the contest divisions?

Primary Grades K - 2

Intermediate Grades 3 - 5

Middle Grades 6 - 8

Senior Grades 9 - 12

Adult Student 18 and older enrolled in school

Open Adult 18 and older (teachers, parents, professionals, etc.)

I missed the deadline, can I still submit my entry?

Due to the tight deadlines, late submissions will not be considered. 

How can my submission be disqualified? 

Submissions without a completed and signed official entry form.

Submissions that are not the correct dimensions 8.5” by 11”.

Submissions that are not original and violate copyright.

More than the allotted number of submissions are submitted from a school/district/region. 

Are there prizes? 

Yes! National awards will be given to the first, second, and third place winners and will be recognized on the NCDA website in May 2024. Winning entries will also be on display at the Annual Global Conference in San Diego  in June 2024.

When will state winners be announced? 

State winners will be announced February 2024.

If I am a state winner, when will the national winners be announced?

 The National Career Development Association will announce winners May of 2024.

I sent an email to mailto:oursccda@gmail.com, and I did not receive a response.

 The email is checked multiple times daily and correspondence is made as soon as we view the email. If you did not receive a response, check your spam. Also if you are a student using your school email address, some districts restrict outside emails. Ask a trusted adult to assist you with sending an email. 

If I am an individual, how do I submit?

Your submissions should be received, with the submission form, by December 20, 2023.



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